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PAI And Their Overhaul Kits Continue To Impress

PAI Diesel Engine Overhaul Kit

PAI Overhaul Kits have become an integral part of our success at Select Reman Exchange and we’d like to share our experience. SRX has been using PAI Overhaul kits exclusively and other products from PAI for several years. 

Before PAI

“In the beginning, we used other manufacturers’ kits that did not seem to be up to our standards and we experienced an uncomfortable rate of failure,” said SRX Production Manager Chuck Pratt.

Production Manager Chuck Pratt observes a technician working on an engine.
PAI Diesel Engine Overhaul Kit
PAI Diesel Engine Overhaul Kit

And when failures occurred getting satisfaction through warranty coverage was not always easy. “When it came time to work with them for warranty purposes, it was very difficult to get any answers and the support we needed for using their products,” added Pratt.

The PAI Difference

We tried several PAI kits and our engine builders were very impressed with the components and packaging quality. 

Since that time we have purchased hundreds of kits and other parts from PAI for our engine builds and we have had tremendous success with their products. With that relatively high number of parts there is bound to be an issue and Pratt underscored how that’s when PAI continued to shine. “We have had only 2 engine failures that were attributed to a product issue, which PAI’s engineering team addressed immediately,” he said.

PAI Diesel Engine Overhaul Kit
PAI Diesel Engine Overhaul Kit

The warranty process is very straightforward and smooth. PAI has surpassed our expectations with their quality of product and their willingness to help when an issue does arise. Pratt added, “their technical support department is better than anyone else’s out there hands down.”

Select Reman Exchange
Select Reman Exchange Team

Thank you to PAI Industries and we look forward to many more years of using your fantastic products keeping our customers’ engines running.

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