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Why Select a Used Engine Core vs Remanufactured?

Every day here at Select Reman exchange we get at least one phone call from a customer looking for a used engine. We do carry used engine cores in stock and have sold many to customers that do not have issues. If you are inquiring about a used engine over a reman engine please take a couple things into consideration.

      How well was the engine maintained? Even though we take the time to inspect and run every used engine that is sold here at SRX engines, it is difficult to know exactly how well the last owner of the engine maintained the engine. We usually get the engines from auctions or from wrecked trucks. Sometimes they come with good records of the up-keep on the engine, and sometimes they do not. If the engine was ran with dirty oil or dirty fuel there can be many headaches and down time in your near future from failed injectors, to blown turbochargers.
       How often will you be using the engine and how much does you or your business rely on it? Sometimes customers need an engine back up and running just to sell the piece of equipment, or other times they only use the equipment for menial tasks that don’t require reliability. For customers like this, used engines can be a great thing. But, If the engine you are purchasing is used in a truck, boat, or piece of equipment that your main source of income is reliant on, then we look at that purchase as an investment. You are investing money into the equipment so that you can rely on it doing what it needs, so you can worry and focus on more important things for years to come. We would encourage people who need this reassurance and reliability to purchase a reman long block, or a complete engine. With great quality, and a solid warranty to back up our work, SRX engines can offer you a worry free reman engine for years to come.
          Are you really saving yourself money by purchasing used? SRX engines offers Long blocks and New surplus engines at a very competitive price. Often times you could purchase a long block for the same amount of money you can purchase a used lower mileage engine for. Used engines often only carry a 90 day warranty. If you were to have one issue outside of warranty, this can easily lead to over a thousand dollars in repairs. Where as, if you purchase a high quality reman long block, then you will be covered with a warranty for a lot longer period and are way less likely to have issues at all.
            Call our Select Reman Exchange sales team and get pricing on a reman long block engine and see where we can save you money today!

One thought on “Why Select a Used Engine Core vs Remanufactured?

  1. i have been doing buisness with these three people over in the linden mi. shop of theirs,i will tell you clay,chuck,and blaine have been swell people to do my buisness with,parts are available quickly,and affordable,i have built several engines using their parts and to date have had no troubles,great place to shop for your parts,good people to work with,

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