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Diesel Engine Remanufacturing: Our Process

An Engine Technician uses a socket wrench on a remanufactured diesel engine

Here at Select Reman Exchange, we are a diesel engine remanufacturer. We provide long blocks, complete-running remanufactured engines, and parts.

When an engine core comes in the door, it’s going to be completely disassembled right down to the bare block. All the machine work, the block, the crank, the rods, and the cylinder head are all going to be sent out to our machine shop and inspected from top to bottom. Everything is machined back within OEM specifications. Magnaflux crack checked, crankshaft hardness test, and checked for straightness. Cylinder heads are remanufactured with all-new seals, guides, springs, keepers etc …

Simply put, we never cut corners. For us, it’s about the quality and then the happiness and satisfaction of that end user and the longevity of that engine.

Once the machine work comes back from our machine shop, your engine is going to be remanufactured with all new pistons, liners, bearings, gaskets, seals, turbos, injectors, water pumps, oil coolers and everything that it takes to make that engine run and run effectively and be reliable. It’s going to be remanufactured properly!

Once the engine is assembled, that engine goes on the test stand to go through the quality control checks and processes. And once it’s done in the test room, it’s then sent to the paint department. It gets a nice pretty coat of paint put on it and packaged up and ready to ship.

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