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Detroit Business Saves On Sandblaster Engine Remanufacture

Remanufactured C15 Industrial JRE Caterpillar

Check out this C15 Industrial JRE Caterpillar engine we completely remanufactured for M.K. Painting out of Metro Detroit. Another happy customer! 

This is the second engine M.K. Painting has purchased from us. The first was a 6.7 Cummins. This C15 engine was pressurizing the cooling system because the cylinder head was cracked. This is a common problem with the OEM cylinder heads. 

The engine had high hours, so to save the customer thousands over working directly with the manufacturer, they chose to get their remanufactured C15 Caterpillar done by our team of talented technicians at Select Reman Exchange. 

During this complete remanufacturing process, we installed a new casted cylinder head on this engine due to the customer’s head being cracked. If you have a cracked head, these can be purchased from us along with all the necessary gaskets to make an easy repair. Purchasing parts and labor through Select Reman Exchange commonly results in big savings over the competition. 

Remanufactured C15 Industrial JRE Caterpillar

This engine had so many hours that the front pulleys were worn from the rubber belts. The customer had us replace the V-belt pulleys as well. 

This engine is going in an industrial sandblaster that travels around the country prepping water tanks and towers for paint. M.K. Painting brings new life to old water tanks. According to their ownership, they have 25 years of experience and have rehabilitated over 500 elevated and ground storage tanks across the United States. We love to see local businesses thriving and are honored to have a small part in keeping them running smoothly. 

This engine is ready to go back to work!

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At Select Reman Exchange we often have many remanufactured engines in stock! Contact our sales team today to check our inventory.

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