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Customer Success Story with a Twin Cam ISX Cummins Long Block

ISX Cummins

At Select Reman Exchange, we’re committed to delivering tailored solutions for our customers’ engine needs. In this blog post, we’re excited to share a success story involving a Twin Cam ISX Cummins engine long block. Learn how our customer’s journey unfolded, starting with the intention to switch to a 6NZ Caterpillar engine and ultimately opting for a remanufactured long block. Discover the details of this engine transformation and the brand-new components that accompanied the purchase.

The Initial Plan

Caterpillar 6NZ Engine Our customer initially approached Select Reman Exchange with plans to purchase a 6NZ Caterpillar engine. We were in the process of building the engine to meet their specifications. However, as the project progressed, the customer had a change of heart due to emissions considerations. Rather than proceeding with the Caterpillar engine, he expressed the desire to stick with his original Twin Cam ISX Cummins engine.

A Pivot to an Emission-Friendly Long Block

In response to the customer’s preference for his original engine, Select Reman Exchange adapted the plan and proposed a remanufactured long block for the Twin Cam ISX Cummins engine. This decision not only aligned with the customer’s emissions requirements but also showcased our flexibility and commitment to meeting individual needs.

Flexible Solutions and Customer Satisfaction

Our customer’s satisfaction is our top priority. By pivoting to the ISX we ensured that our client received a solution that met all of their needs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction was further demonstrated by allowing flexibility on the original deal.

New Components for Enhanced Performance

As part of the remanufactured long block package, the customer opted for brand-new components to complement the engine. These included a new balancer, air compressor, thermostat, and oil cooler. This strategic choice not only ensured optimal performance but also extended the life of the engine with high-quality, reliable parts.

Select Reman Exchange’s commitment to customer satisfaction, flexibility, and quality shines through in this success story. By adapting to the customer’s change in requirements and delivering a Twin Cam ISX Cummins long block with new components, we showcased our ability to provide tailored solutions. If you’re in search of a reliable partner for your engine needs, trust Select Reman Exchange to deliver top-notch products and personalized solutions. Contact us today for a consultation tailored to your requirements.

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Revitalizing Engines and Budgets: How Select Reman Exchange Saved Thousands with Smart Rebuild Solutions

3304 Caterpillar Long Block

Discover how the experience of Select Reman Exchange, from teardown to analysis and installation of a remanufactured long block, not only breathed new life into this 3304 Caterpillar but also slashed costs compared to traditional reman complete jobs.

Analyzing the Damage

When our valued customers approached Select Reman Exchange, they were eager to cut costs on their engine rebuilds. Our seasoned technicians meticulously tore down their engines, conducting a comprehensive examination of each component. This precise analysis allowed us to identify damaged parts and assess the overall condition of the engines, providing customers with accurate insights and budget-friendly recommendations.

Remanufactured Long Block Solution

Following a detailed assessment, we proposed a cost-effective yet reliable solution—a remanufactured long block. This approach involved replacing essential internal components, ensuring peak performance while significantly reducing overall costs. The remanufactured long block emerged as a financially savvy alternative to complete engine replacements, meeting our customers’ budgetary constraints without compromising on the quality we are known for.

Reassembly with The Customer’s External Components

Our experienced technicians thoroughly inspected and approved these components, seamlessly integrating them into the remanufactured long block. This approach not only saved our customers money but also preserved the functionality of their existing components, minimizing unnecessary expenses associated with brand-new replacements.

Benefits of Our Approach:

  1. Significant Cost Savings: Select Reman Exchange’s tailored approach enabled 3304 customers to save substantial amounts compared to traditional complete engine replacements.
  2. Quality Assurance: Despite the cost savings, our commitment to quality remained unwavering, utilizing remanufactured long blocks and carefully inspecting and reusing dependable external components.
  3. Customized Solutions: Every engine rebuild is unique, and our analysis-driven strategy ensures customers receive personalized recommendations based on their specific needs and budget constraints.

At Select Reman Exchange, we take pride in delivering cost-effective, high-quality solutions for engine rebuilds. The success story of our 3304 customers illustrates how our expertise and strategic approach can result in substantial savings without compromising on performance. If you’re facing a similar situation and seek a reliable partner for your engine rebuilding needs, contact Select Reman Exchange today for a personalized analysis and a budget-friendly solution tailored just for you.

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The Ultimate Heavy Haul Engine

The holy grail of engines is the C15 Acert MXS lower end with a single turbo 6NZ head. When the goal is to assemble the most reliable diesel engine possible — of course you don’t prioritize putting the biggest power numbers to the ground. Ultimately this reliability results in the most profit.

At Select Reman Exchange (SRX), we believe an appropriately powerful yet reliable engine can be in service for a million miles. When it does have issues, it is easy to work on because it doesn’t have EGR, DPF, or twin turbos.

Our build details

Our vast experience as diesel engine remanufacturers at SRX informs our opinions and recommendations for the ultimate heavy haul engine configuration. Using the MXS lower end you have a stronger, better quality casted cylinder block.

The crankshafts are the same between the engines, but You have a stronger connecting rod with 4-rod bolts instead of 2 connecting rod bolts like the 6NZ has. When building the MXS lower you can use the industrial piston pack out of a JRE C15 engine to achieve the same 16:1 compression ratio that the 6NZ has. This lower compression is better for bigger power and reliability.

One-piece MXS steel piston

They hold up to a lot more power and are more reliable than that two-piece 6NZ piston with the steel crown and aluminum piston skirt. The MXS lower end also has a higher-flowing cooling system. The water pump is larger and flows more keeping the engine cooler under higher load scenarios. 

Use new casted cylinder heads

Don’t use a remanufactured caterpillar head. They are prone to cracking. We offer an aftermarket casted cylinder head that has a better, thicker casting between the valves that eliminates the cracking issue that many people have run into. Our head will work for both the MXS and 6nz engines. 

For injectors, we like to use the 10R8502 injectors. We flow match the injectors giving you optimal performance and a smooth Idle. We typically have these injectors on the shelf. Call us and we can save you a lot over Caterpillar pricing. 


We do not recommend using an aftermarket program. We have seen countless issues on head gaskets that are directly caused by programs created by people that don’t really know what they are doing. We like to use the 6NZ 550 HP program. This has proven to be a great, reliable and powerful program. 

The 550 HP program does seem to build higher than desired EGTs. The best way to get rid of that heat is by installing a bigger turbocharger on the truck. We offer a new turbocharger that is perfect. It is reliable and builds awesome power but is not going to break the bank like a lot of the other unnecessarily expensive turbochargers. Another thing you can add to keep the EGTs down is a ceramic-coated aftermarket exhaust. We do not have one specific manifold to recommend for performance-related reasons, But we do thoroughly appreciate PAI’s Ceramic coated manifold as it seems to be a very quality product and does not break the bank. 

An added touch

Use the bigger 10R7155 camshaft for more reliability. Again, don’t go to Caterpillar to buy this camshaft. We at SRX can supply it to you at a fraction of the cost. 

In summary – a reliable powerhouse

With the bigger turbocharger, flow-matched injectors and the bigger camshaft we have seen many numbers in the 630 HP range.

If you are wanting to build this engine on your own we are here every step of the way to help! We can sell you all of the same parts we use in our own engines and save you thousands of dollars over going to Caterpillar. 

Always take into consideration the emissions laws and the states you are wanting to haul in. We always use an existing 6NZ engine to build from and would recommend you do the same. We have quite a few 6NZ engines left and would love to assist you in your core engine needs as well. 

Are you looking to buy a Caterpillar C15 like this?

We often have completely remanufactured and used Caterpillar C15 diesel engines in stock. An extensive and competitively-priced inventory of parts is on our shelves! Give our Sales or Parts Teams a call or visit our Contact Us page.